Stay Safe

The Care Cottage promoted their Stay Safe Summer Drive-Thru event at the end of school to promote a fun, clean, healthy, and drug-free summer. Toys and activities were given to each child to help keep them busy this summer as well as yummy food reminders to "Say NO to Drugs, Say YES to Tacos", "DONUT do Drugs", & "Don't Drink & Drive do the Watermelon Crawl".


Blanket Donation Drive

They say “ask and you shall receive.” Well the Care Cottage asked for blanket donations, and thanks to the awesome support of the community, receive we did. Boxes and bags of blankets were delivered all through November and December. The Care Cottage provides blankets to all of our children that receive a medical exam as a substitute for paper gowns. The children get to pick and keep the blanket that they use during this exam, bringing a newer level of comfort to kids in these tough times.

Annual Christmas Present


The Care Cottage’s Annual Christmas Project was a huge success this year. With help from various organizations, local businesses, individuals in our community and donors from other states, we were able to provide Christmas presents and Christmas Eve boxes to 41 children and their families, as well as 4 vulnerable adults. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this project!!


Virtual Trauma Conference

The Care Cottage’s Annual Trauma Conference was held on November 19th. Again the pandemic caused us to switch up our plans and make this year’s conference fully virtual. Participants of the virtual trauma conference were offered several topics to engage in, including Trauma Informed Care, Epigenetics, Trauma & Substance Abuse, An inside look at Trauma & Child Advocacy Centers, and Caring Through the Seasons.

Open House

OH 1.jpg
OH 3.jpg

For the past 4 years, April has brought about Open House to the Care Cottage. Due to the current pandemic, the Care Cottage delayed our Open House until October. Still in October, we had to get creative to complete our Open House and abide by social distancing practices. So, on October 21, the Care Cottage held our first drive-by Open House with a virtual tour located on our website. By doing a drive-by event, the Care Cottage was able to show

the newest renovations made to the

outside of the building.

Care Cottage Renovation

You may not recognize the Care Cottage these days. Both interior and exterior renovations have recently been completed. Exterior renovations included the addition of new vinyl siding and the replacement of the old windows with new energy efficient windows. We also have a new sign and plans are in place for the installation of a vinyl fence. Interior updates were completed in the medical room, the forensic interview room, and the waiting room.


These renovations would not have been possible without the following: 

VOCA, CHFS, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky on behalf of the J.H. Walker Legacy Foundation, The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, Kemper Furniture, Martin Signs, Acme Glass, Home Lumber Company, Hammerhead Construction and private donors.


Old Outside.png
Old Fi room.jpg
Medical Room.jpg


care cottage outside.jpg
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Kentucky Colonels Grant