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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are important to the Children’s Advocacy Center. The Advocacy Center is always looking for those who have an interest in children and want to become involved. There are numerous ways to help. We have one-time opportunities and on-going weekly opportunities.

​KRCAC volunteers may:

  • - Greet family at the door, making them feel comfortable

  • - Help out with clerical or office work

  • - Role play during a Kids In Court session

  • - Assist with fundraising events 

  • - Help by maintaining the Center grounds

For more information about specific volunteer opportunities, please call Pamela Carey at (606) 487-9173.

Student Internships


The Children’s Advocacy Center accepts student interns for college practicum courses requiring fifteen or more hours per week. Student interns are supervised by a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Anyone interested in an internship at the CAC may contact Pamela Carey at (606) 487-9173 to request an interview. A copy of your ID and 2 checks/money orders made to the Kentucky State Treasurer ($10.00 and $20.00) are necessary to conduct the required background check before beginning any service at the CAC.


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