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My Child has a Forensic Interview

Before the Interview


  • Tell your child that they will be meeting with a specialist about what was reported​​.

  • ​Give your child a day or two’s notice to feel comfortable with this appointment.

  • Make sure you tell your child they are not in trouble.

  • Give your child permission to talk to the interviewer about what they have told you.

  • It is important that you do not rehearse with your child what they should say.



After the Interview​​​


  • Show your child that you’re interested in their experience. It’s okay to ask how things went, like what the room was like and if the interviewer was nice.​

  • Don’t press your child for specifics. The purpose of the interview is so the child doesn’t have to keep repeating the discomforting details.​

  • Most children feel relieved after the interview and may seem like their normal selves. Some children may show other feelings, such as sadness or fear about the circumstance.

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